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Goldfish care is easy and enjoyable. Many Koi hobbyists got their start with a Goldfish tank or Goldfish bowl. When the addiction to keeping fish grows many decide to also keep Koi fish. Goldfish are a passion here at Blackwater Creek Koi Farms because we love a challenge. Many of the Goldfish pictured were developed for the very first time by Blackwater Koi Farms. Years of selective breeding and trials (with errors) have yielded these Specialty Goldfish. Just like Koi, very very few Goldfish have the marking, colors, and finnage seen in these pictures. These are not fish that can be easily mass produced simply by obtaining some brood stock and trying to duplicate (sorry Randy). To produce these new Goldfish varieties requires patience and hard work. We hope you will enjoy these as much as we do!

Feeding Goldfish: Goldfish Food is similar to Koi food and they are overall interchangeable. It is important to feed an easily digestible diet such as Blackwater Creek Cool Season Wheat diet during times of colder water temps. Feed Goldfish many times per day as the digest all the food within 4 hours of eating it when water temperatures are above 70 degrees

What keeps Blackwater Creek as a leader in Gold Fish Production?

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