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The Most Important Decision

When Buying Koi Is

Who and Where

They Come From… Period!

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We have many ways for you to purchase your next pond buddy!

You might be asking “why should I buy Koi or Goldfish from Blackwater Creek Koi? To answer that question we have put together a flow chart of the many reasons we believe that our Fish and customer service are far superior than our competition.

We have decided to forego a traditional “Brick and Mortar” show room and instead have opted for our Online presence. This allows us to keep our prices lower and enables us to reach more people, in the Koi Hobby, than a store front would or could! It also lends itself to instant daily and weekly “Specials and Deals”. As a result our Koistore is open 24/7/365! You do not have to sign up or create a profile prior to “window shopping” in our Koistore, you will not be asked to “sign-up” or submit any information until you decide to purchase something, and then it is done through our completely secure, encrypted, Koi Store e-commerce pages.

If you are anything like our family, here at Blackwater, you like to support small family businesses. That is exactly who and what we are.

Perhaps the most important reason for buying Koi and Goldfish from Blackwater Creek Koi Farms, Inc. is our company policy Of Bio Security and the twice yearly voluntary testing for various diseases and the resultant certified “disease free” status from the USDA.

We guarantee the live arrival of your fish… We ship fish via Federal Express (overnight) right to your door anywhere in the continental USA. If your fish, for some reason, do not arrive ready to join your “school” we will work with you to “make it right” and make you happy!

As a Retail and a wholesale fish provider for Hobbyist's and those companies that are in the Pet business, IE; Pet shops, Pond contractors, Garden centers, Landscape contractors, re-sellers and brokers. For these B to B companies we have wholesale tiered pricing built into our online shopping cart after you submit your wholesale account information and it is approved, from then on when you log into our online Koi Store you are automatically shown the wholesale pricing of your tier.

We also, by appointment only, offer guided farm visits where you can pick out the fish you want… more about this here

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