The best Goldfish in the world come from Blackwater Creek!

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Goldfish care is easy and enjoyable. Many Koi hobbyists got their start with a Goldfish tank or Goldfish bowl. When the addiction to keeping fish grows many decide to also keep Koi fish. Goldfish are a passion here at Blackwater Creek Koi Farms because we love a challenge. Many of the Goldfish pictured were developed for the very first time by Blackwater Koi Farms. Years of selective breeding and trials (with errors) have yeilded these Specialty Goldfish. Just like Koi, very very few Goldfish have the marking, colors, and finage seen in these pictures. These are not fish that can be easily mass produced simply by obtaining some broodstock and trying to duplicate (sorry Randy). To produce these new Goldfish varieties requires patience and hard work. We hope you will enjoy these as much as we do!

Sanke Gold: - These Goldfish were developed as an alternative to Koi to allow people to keep some spectacular fish in a small space such a a patio pond or a aquarium. These Goldfish have the patterns and colors of a Sanke Koi and will grow to be up to 10-12 inches long. These Goldfish are available individually in very very limited numbers. They are priced individually and according to quality. Reserve your Sanke Gold today. They are shipped as they become available throughout the year.

Goldfish Sanke Gold
Sanke Goldfsh
Sanke Fantail Goldfish
sanke gold goldfsih

Blackwater Goldfish
Specialty Goldfish
Goldfish Tank

Black Opal Goldfish: A Blackwater Original. The Black Opal Goldfish is another variety produced after over a decade of trials. These Goldfish have various markings of Ebony Black against a Powder Blue background. These Goldfish change paaterns as they grow and typically continue to improve as they age. The Goldfish pictures below show some young fish on the left and some older fish on the right. We love these fish and are trying hard to produce more of them. They do not breed true... meaning that we have very few Goldfish breeders that make this specific variety. Goldfish diseases are fairly UNCOMMON in these varieties as they are an elongated body style that is very hardy... even under the ice in winter. Reserve your Black Opals today. They are shipped as they become available.

Blackwater Goldfsih
Black Opal Goldfsih

Wakin Goldfish:  Blackwater Creek was the first American Koi Farm to commercially produce Wakins. We fell in love with these fish as we trained in Japan. The Wakin Goldfish is a elongated body style with only slight compression. The tail is double and short. These goldfish do very well in an Aquarium or Koi Pond. The original colors are a Firery Red, White, or a combination of Red and White. In the past few years we have been successfull producing a few Calico Wakins and we do sometimes offer a few for sale. We are also asked how long Goldfish live, specifically these Goldfish. In our experience these Goldfish live for up to 12 years. 

Calico Wakin Goldfish
Wakin Goldfish Tank
Wakin Goldfish For Sale

Sarassa Comet Goldfish: Sarassa Comets are a elongated fast swimming, extremely hardy, fish that brighten any pond they reside in. These golfish are available in all Red, Red and White, and all White. A varient to this is the Red Common Giant that grows fast and large (up to 14 inches). These hardy Goldfish are a staple in the industry. We do produce a lot of Sarassa Comets each year. We love them... and so will you. 

Sarassa Goldfish
Goldfish Sarassa
Sarassa Comet Goldfish

Shubunkin Goldfish:  Shubukin Goldfish are a favorite in the industry because they come in so many beautiful colors and patterns. Shubunkins come in Powder Blue, Red Pattern over Blue, Orange with Black Colors, and many, many more. Our Shubunkins are a popular way to get introduced to pond keeping as well as a great offering in your pond store. They co-habitate with Koi and Butterfly Koi well. A varient of our Shubunkin, with a fan tail, was sent into space aboard the last ever Space Shuttle Atlantis at a cost of $30,000 for less than a gram of water. Read more about the Goldfish in space experiment here.

Shubunkin Goldfish
Shubunkin Goldfish

Goldfish In Space
Shubukin Goldfish

Fantail Goldfish: and other Unique Goldfish. We are working very hard on producing very high quality Fantail Goldfish in addition to unique styles and variations of many Goldfish varieties. ALL of our original Goldfish, except for Wakins, were produced using ony a couple hundred Sarassa Comets and Shubunkin Goldfish. Years and years of effort has rewarded us with our own unique Goldfish line that we are very proud of.

Unique Fantail Goldfish
Unique Comet Goldfish
Fantail Goldfish

Feeding Goldfish: Goldfish Food is similar to Koi food and they are overall interchangeable. It is important to feed an easily digestable diet such as Blackwater Creek Cool Season Wheat diet during times of colder water temps. Feed Goldfish many times per day as the digest all the food within 4 hours of eating it when water temperatures are above 70 degrees

What keeps Blackwater Creek as a leader in Gold Fish Production?

  • FINNAGE- Longer, better-shaped finnage
  • QUALITY- Proven award-winning variety
  • SELECTION- The most variety available anywhere
  • HEALTH- All fish produced by Blackwater Creek - we don't broker fish






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