florida koiLocated in Florida USA, Blackwater Creek Koi Farms Inc. is the leading producer of Butterfly Koi and some have placed high or won top awards at koi shows throughout the world . Florida is a great place to grow koi on a koi farm because the long growing season allows the fish to grow bigger and stronger than thos in the colder climates. Real Estate is expensive but well worth the price.. Blackwater Creek Koi Farm sells wholesale koi. They are available in Butterfly Koi. The koi industry has been a great place to have a hobby or business. With proper water quality and nutrition through high quality koi food , your koi should grow fast and obatin large size. Developing jumbo koi takes the best koi food. Feed Blackwater Gold-N koi food. Visit our newest site for the best koi information from America's Koi Farm.

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