Baby Koi - Peanuts

They are growing! Currently we are very low on baby Koi that are large enough to ship, but we have a pond and a couple of tanks full of fry. Give us a couple of weeks and they should be up to size and ready to ship. We apologize for the delay. Current starting delivery date was approx. May 24th. Orders were filled, as they were received, with the Peanuts we had that were large enough to ship. As a result of the high demand not all were shipped on the 24th.

***We apologize in the delay of Peanut shipments. There was only a limited # available to ship on the 24th. We have more up to size and and ready to ship now. We will be filling the remainder of the orders next week on the 31st.***

Our Peanuts are the result of numerous controlled breedings of our original Japanese Koi stock as well as Blackwater Creek’s world famous Butterfly Koi. Our Peanuts are unculled, meaning the fish you receive are not culls; we have not gone through and cherry-picked out the nice ones. So you end up with many more “diamonds in the rough” when purchasing our Peanuts. No matter your intent; seeding a new pond, offering these Koi for sale at shows, advertising Koi for sale locally, or starting your very own Koi store, the best part of all is that these Koi come from Blackwater Creek. We’re the trusted name for safe and healthy Koi, Butterfly Koi, and Goldfish.


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