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  • Model: sel1416
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  • Manufactured by: Blackwater Creek Koi Farms, Inc.

14-16" Select Standard Fin Koi.

3 Fish per box.

Price is per fish with a minimum full box purchase required.

Our Select quality Koi are a high grade. These Koi have recognizable colors and patterns that allow easy identification of variety. The varieties are always improving, changing, and adding a lot of excitement to the harvest here at the farm. Varieties that may be included but not limited to Bekko, Matsuba, Showa, Chagoi (the friendly Koi), Soragoi, Karasu (black crow), Shusui, Asagi, Hariwake, Goshiki, Sanke, Kohaku, Matsukawabakke (our specialty), Kikokuryu, Ochiba (falling leaves), Goromo, Shiro Utsuri, Kin Ki Utsuri, Hi Utsuri, Kumonryu, Kikusui, Platinum Ogon, Kin Showa, Yamatonishiki, Hesei Nishiki, Hikari Moyo, Kawarigoi Mix, and many Gin Rin and Doitsu varieties.

Remember,the larger the fish size, the better the quality. For example a 12-14" Select grade Koi will be of much higher quality than a 3-4" Select grade Koi.

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