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Peanut Food

Specialty Goldfish have been a passion for everyone here at Blackwater Creek. We pride ourselves with the varieties that have been develeped here as result of many years of selective breeding and hard work by a very dedicated staff. 

For the first time ever, (and for a very limited time), we are offering a package that has approximately 55 baby Goldfish Peanuts, that are sure to surprise you as they grow and develop their colors. 

This package will contain a variety of fish include the highly sought after Wontonai Double Tail, Wakin as well as others possibly including Sanke Gold, Shubunkins, Black Opals, Sarassas and many more. 

These gems are just starting to develop their colors and some are still in their baby green color. We are offering this package of 55 babies for a price less than purchasing three adult Specialty Goldfish... and... the package includes FREE SHIPPING! 

Due to the fragile nature of these small Koi losses up to  20% a few days after arrival have been experienced. Adding 5 lbs non-iodized salt to each 100 gallons of water will reduce post shipping losses. Water above 70 degrees will have best results.

Limited quantities available. We reserve the right to limit quantities. 

Enjoy these wonderful fish!

But What Do They Eat?

Wondering what to feed your Peanuts? At just 1 - 2", they are too small to eat pellet food, so we formulated a finely-ground version of our Gold-N Professional Diet in a size small enough for the Peanuts to eat. Add the Peanut Food to your order by checking the box below! 

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