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  • Model: SurpriseButterflyPeanuts
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  • Manufactured by: Blackwater Creek Koi- Eustis


Surprise!- Out of The Ordinary Butterfly Peanuts Large Pack

IMPORTANT: This Package will contain approximately 70% Butterfly Peanuts and 30% Standard Fin Peanuts

Fish Amount: 145-180

Blackwater Creek Koi Farms is happy to announce a special, unique and very limited offering. This offering will be available first to current dealers and hobbyist customers only. We reserve the right to limit quantities per order.

Typically Butterfly/Longfin Koi do not breed true, meaning there is a very small percentage of Butterfly Koi that show up during most breeding attempts. To our surprise, this planned breeding produced a large percent Butterfly Peanuts.

Varieties that may be included in this offering include, Matsukawabake, Sanke, Kohaku, Yamatonishiki, Shiro Muji Gin Rin, Aka Bekko, Goshiki, Hajiro, Soragoi (friendly variety), Hesei Nishiki, Shiro Bekko, Matsuba,Tancho Kohaku, Hariwake, Ochiba and Chagoi (friendly varieties).

Blackwater Creek has been breeding the widest amount of varieties of Butterfly Koi for well over a decade and has provided brood-stock to help promote the koi business nationally. Our longstanding bio-security plan has helped us provide the best fish to customers around the world. Our brood-stock has been carefully developed here on site and thus the result, The SURPRISE! Butterfly Peanuts have been produced

Surprise Butterfly Peanuts

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