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Quantity: 7

Size: 3"-5"

Grade: Select and Premium

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A Pick Your Color Mix package of Koi from Blackwater Creek will get you 7 Butterfly Koi in the specific mix of colors you’re looking for. Maybe you don't necessarily know all the specific varieties of Koi you want, but you do know what colors you want. Well, look no further because this is the perfect package of Koi for you! You can select and get exactly the mix of colors you want in your pond.

For $385.86 (with FREE SHIPPING) you will get a great group of 7 Select and Premium grade Butterfly Koi ranging in size from 3"-5”, and you get to pick and choose exactly the mix of colors you want. Your customized selection will be carefully hand-picked for quality by our team of Koi experts. The best part? Our Koi come from excellent genetic lines and are SVC and KHV tested so you can be sure that you’re getting healthy Koi from Blackwater Creek.

How Does it Work?

1. Look through the color type photos below to help you decide which ones are your favorite.

2. Scroll back to the top and type in the number of fish you’d like from each color type. Remember, you may only select 7 fish!

3. Click “Add to Cart”, finish checking out online, and wait for your beautiful box of fish to arrive very soon! 

Color Types:

Availability varies, so there may be some weeks where we do not have any of a certain variety available. Please note, the varieties pictured are representations of what the varieties will look like as adults (approximately 2 years old). Certain varieties obtain their finished patterns later than others.

red orange butterfly koi

May contain Kohaku, Sanke, Showa, Aka Bekko, Goshiki, Goromo, orange Ogon, Hi Utsuri, and other red/orange Koi. 

Blue Butterfly Koi

May contain Asagi, Shusui, and other blue Koi.

Yellow Butterfly Koi

May contain Yamabuki, Hariwake, Kin Ki Utsuri, Ki Bekko, and other yellow Koi. 


White Butterfly Mix

May contain Platinum, Shiro Muji, and other white Koi.


metallic butterfly koi


May include Kujaku, Hariwake, Kin Showa, and other metallic Koi.                                                                       


Doitsu Butterfly Koi

May include Hariwake, Kujaku, Kikokuryu, Kikusui, and other doitsu Koi. Doitsu Koi are scaleless except for a row along the back and lateral line. 


Friendly Butterfly Koi

May include Chagoi, Ochiba, or Soragoi. Friendly Koi work great to get your other pond fish to become friendly and are often the first to learn hand-feeding.


Lucky Butterfly Koi


May include Karasu, Haijiro, and other black Koi. Black Koi are thought to bring luck and good fortune to you and your pond. Every pond needs at least one. 


Gin Rin Butterfly Koi

Gin Rin Koi have faceted scales that glitter like diamonds, especially in the sunlight. 


Can't decide? Let our Koi specialists pick out one or two beautiful fish for you!           


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