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  • Model: lefty
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  • Manufactured by: Blackwater Creek Koi Farms, Inc.

Quantity: 25-30

Size: 4-10"

Grade: Lefty (see description below) 

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Many times we see the most beautiful Standard fin and Butterfly Koi in our tanks. They have great colors, great patterns, and great fins. Only under very close inspection do we see some slight imperfections that do not allow these fish to be sold as the highest grade Koi. These fish are such a great deal for those wishing to have a great mix of very nice fish without spending a lot of money. These full boxes of Standard fin and Butterfly Koi cost less than most of our fish packages! 

So, what makes a "lefty"?

One fin shorter than the other, one fin curled slightly, front fins swept back further than our stringent grading standards allow, may have a split fin, and/or it may be missing a fin. It also may have a scar that has healed over. These are not Pond Grade Koi. They are usually pretty darn nice fish.... just not perfect, but they are healthy.

They are sold by the box and to ensure you get a great deal, the fish will range from 4-10". Quantity per box will be 25-30. Sales are limited to quantities on hand. The picture you see was an actual box that had been shipped to a customer. Colors and varieties vary and are at our discretion (don't worry, we'll give you some great fish!).

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