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I was highly impressed with the selection, I asked specifically for an Aka Matsuba to be included if possible, and was given 2 small koi that may mature into that (one is currently more of an orenji that may redden as it matures, but with a strong reticulation already present at its small size) I was impressed that they found two that may mature into what I had requested. The rest of the selection was absolutely beautiful quality of pattern and finnage. I am truly impressed with the overall selection, and could not be happier to watch these fish continue to mature.

The only downside was they were shipped UPS instead of FedEx, and I paid extra for the FedEx shipping as I have had problems with UPS (this shipment was delayed 24 hours in GA, and then nearly delayed 24 hours at my local UPS). I would suggest if you need FedEx to confirm that they are indeed shipping FedEx.
Date Added: 03/30/2018 by Donald S.
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