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Being over a year Ive ended up with asagi and shusui. The blue either shows up or none at all.

We are very sorry that these fish did not turn out to what you expected them to be...
These Sapphire Blue Koi are bred by us to have Gin Rin and a very noticeable Blue tint... (Not an easy task). I assure you that this was not a case of Bait and switch... Most likely the fish you received were miss identified in the holding tank as some of the Sapphires and sent to you.

We truly want you to be happy with your blue fish, so if you call our office and mention this review we will be happy to send you 2 more of our Sapphire Blue Koi free of charge, you would have to pay for the overnight shipping though...

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Date Added: 05/06/2018 by Ryan Q.
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