Small Pack of Peanuts FREE SHIPPING 100-125 fish
[Small Pack Peanuts]


My new go-to Koi store! The Peanut Small Pack was sent overnight as advertised and delivered by UPS before the 10:30am delivery time. I was skeptical about so many young fish being alive, but upon opening the box - Zero dead! I followed instructions on floating the bag, water temp, and salt addition into an established 75 gallon quarantine tank. Two days later and all my babies are still alive and eating like piranhas with zero loss. I'd say the fish average 2" long with many beautiful colors starting to come out, including some of the metallic type. I'm not sure on the count, because when I was at the 20 minute floating point, all the fish were gasping at the surface of the bag. I ended up quickly netting them into my tank to avoid death. Bottom line - Blackwater Creek Koi Farm delivered exactly what I ordered, on time, and with an awesome selection of 2" fish. When I get the bug for some new fish, Blackwater Creek is my new supplier.
Date Added: 11/21/2020 by Ted S.
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