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Mosquito Fish (Gambusia) For Sale

Mosquito Fish (also known as Gambusia) are small freshwater fish that can coexist with Koi and Goldfish in backyard fish ponds, small or large.

Mosquito Fish can aid in the control of mosquitos in your backyard. Simply add them to your Koi and Goldfish pond where mosquito larvae and pupae are a favorite food of these voracious eaters.

Please check your local laws and regulations regarding Gambusia before purchasing. We cannot ship Gambusia to Alaska, New York, Oregon, or Wisconsin.

No Mosquitos Mosquito Larve

Mosquito Fish get their name because their diet can consist of great numbers of mosquito larvae at all stages of their lives. Mosquitos are noxious pests in many parts of the country; carrying and transmitting various diseases along with them (the Zika virus being one example).

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