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A Blackwater Creek original; we developed our Black Opal Shubunkins in 2011 after over a decade of trials! These striking goldfish have various markings of ebony black against a powder blue background.

Black Opals Black Opal Goldfish Special Black Opal Goldfish

Black Opal™ Goldfish from Blackwater Creek

Their patterns change as they grow and typically continually improve with age, and the fish will grow to be up to 10-12” long. They do well in both ponds outdoors and aquariums indoors. We love these fish and are trying hard to produce more of them. They do not breed true; meaning that we have very few broodstock that make this specific variety.

Goldfish diseases are fairly uncommon in these varieties as they are an elongated body style that is very hardy, even under the ice in winter. Because they are in such high demand and are so time-intensive to produce, these goldfish are available in very limited numbers. They are shipped as they become available throughout the year, so reserve your Black Opal Shubunkin today!

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