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The Most Important Decision

When Buying Koi Is

Who and Where

They Come From… Period!

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Farm Visits

Please keep in mind that Blackwater Creek is a working farm. We practice and adhere to strict Bio-Security protocols, at all of our facilities, we do not actively encourage unannounced personal or group farm visits.

However we will arrange a farm visit if you contact us at least 1 week ahead of your intended visit at one of our facilities. We have, in the past, even conducted group, or Koi club, tours, again with ample notice.

If you do choose to visit we must insist that you do not bring any pets or plants into our farm and before you leave the office area you must thoroughly wash your hands and that you do not touch any fish or place your hands into any tank or pond. If you must bring small children they must be supervised at all times. You must also realize that because we are a working farm there are many hazards and areas that are not designed for the general public. In visiting any of our facilities you do so at your own risk.

If you are interested in visiting one of our Koi Farms to view and select Fish you wish to purchase please be aware that there is a minimum charge of $100.00 to have our farm manager or one of our office staff escort you around and assist you in selecting the fish you want. This might entail anesthetizing and pumping down a tank, in order to make it easier to net the fish you want, (once again we remind you that under no circumstance can you touch a fish or the water in any of your holding tanks or ponds). It also includes bagging and boxing your fish to travel home with you…  And any information he might give you when answering your questions.