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The Most Important Decision

When Buying Koi Is

Who and Where

They Come From… Period!

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We want to be your Goldfish supplier and feel that once you see our stellar quality, variety, and health, you’ll agree that Blackwater Creek’s Goldfish are better! When buying Goldfish directly from us, you negate the risk of diseases commonly found in fish that are brought from another farm and relabeled as the seller’s fish.

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Goldfish are enjoyable and easy to care for, and a pond or aquarium full of goldfish can be very relaxing. Plenty of Koi hobbyists got their start with a Goldfish tank; and when the addiction to fishkeeping takes hold, many decide to also keep Koi fish.

Goldfish from Blackwater Creek

Goldfish are a passion here at Blackwater Creek Koi Farms because we love a challenge; many of the Goldfish we sell were developed for the very first time here, by Blackwater Creek. Years of selective breeding and trial-and-error have yielded these Specialty Goldfish. Just like Koi, very very few Goldfish have the markings, colors, and finnage seen in the best of the best. These are not fish that can be easily mass-produced simply by obtaining some brood stock and trying to duplicate (sorry Randy). Producing these new Goldfish varieties requires patience and hard work. All the fish we sell were bred and raised right here in sunny Florida by Blackwater Creek – we do not broker fish! 

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