Work Sheet For Importing Blackwater Creek Koi

We are providing this “Worksheet” for you so that you can check off each step in the process of ordering and importing Blackwater Creek Koi Farms Koi and Goldfish into your country:

                                                    Canadian (green on map) orders please reference this worksheet

            DB Schenker they have offices all over the world. 

This is who we have used in the past. If you have another Freight Forwarder you want us to use we can do that upon request. Depending on your country and the travel time from Central Florida we will, if necessary “Light pack” your fish. All this means is if we believe that the actual shipping times might be extended over 48 hours we will pack less fish per box. This way the fish will not be crowded and each fish will have more Oxygen for the trip. Be aware that sometimes, depending on your country and it’s Customs practices, you might have to contract to have your fish “Re-Packed and Oxygenated” prior to the final shipment from your countries import gateway and customs inspection facility to your door.


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