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The Most Important Decision

When Buying Koi Is

Who and Where

They Come From… Period!

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We recommend that if you observe a fish exhibiting behaviors that you have not seen before, for example;

        Laying over on it’s side

The first thing we advise you to do is check your WATER QUALITY

The second thing you should check is the  WATER QUALITY!

If the water in your pond checks out to be within normal parameters then we suggest you isolate the fish or fishes in question, from the rest of you pond into a holding tank with adequate filtration. Especially if the sick fish is one of your prized pets!

Blackwater Medicated Formula Koi & Goldfish Food

Once isolated it will be easier to determine the cause of your Koi’s abnormal behavior. As soon as you have the fish in it’s separate, temporary “Hospital” tank start feeding small amounts.

We also recommend that you Salt the water in your “Hospital tank”  at a concentration of no more than 6 lbs of salt to 100 gallons of water.

If your sick Koi refuses to eat and doesn’t appear to be getting better, in the salted water, we suggest that you contact your local Aquatic Vet to diagnose and treat your fish. This sounds extreme but if you consider that some Koi are valued into the THOUSANDS of DOLLARS, a visit from a “Fish Doctor” doesn’t seem so extreme!

Knowing when to seek help or When and How to Look for Fish Veterinarian

This is the website for the American Association of Fish Veterinarians it has over 130 fish vet members around the U.S. Data is  still being  input for the find-a-fish-vet locator function, but there are fish vets already in the data base. Just click on the “Find A Fish Vet” button and click on your area. Or just click here to go directly to the

Find A Fish Vet locator.

Blackwater Creek Medicated Koi and Goldfish Food Due to new  FDA regulations We no longer  Manufacture or sell  this product.