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The Most Important Decision

When Buying Koi Is

Who and Where

They Come From… Period!

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 If you receive any fish DOA (dead-on-arrival):

  1.  Immediately upon opening the shipping box and inspecting the fish, in the un opened bag, take some  photos of the DOA fish.
  2.  If there are fish still alive, in the bag, go ahead and acclimate them to your quarantine tank water  temperature by following the instructions below. It is not recommended to place surviving fish directly  into  your pond but into a quarantine tank.
  3.  Please call us within 24 hours and send us the pictures you took of the fish in the un-opened Bag, to verify the DOA fish. Only after we receive the photos and review your order can we make any mutually agreed upon adjustments to your order, (i.e. refund for the DOA fish, replacement of the DOA fish or a credit to your account).

In order to keep our prices as low as possible, we request that our customers do the following.

When Your Fish Arrive:

Acclimation Instructions

Our boxes have detailed instructions on the inner flap. The process is fairly simply and anyone can do it!

Unpacking Instructions;

un-iodized salt per 100 gallons as a prophylactic measure.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT WATER EXCHANGE DURING ACCLIMATION: You may have purchased fish from a local pet store or garden center, in the past, and you were advised to open the bag and add a small amount of water from your pond or tank to acclimate your fish to their new homes water quality. In situations where a small amount of fish had been in a bag for a short amount of time (transported from the store back to your home) this is perfectly acceptable.

It is NOT advised after receiving fish that have been shipped to you via overnight express carrier, (Fed-Ex or UPS).

During shipping the water accumulates two waste products from the fish, ammonia and carbon dioxide. Although high levels of carbon dioxide can be worrisome, in a pond, it is actually of great benefit in a shipping container as it helps keep the pH low. This lowering of the pH keeps the high levels of ammonia in the shipping water in the ionized, non-toxic form. If the bag is opened during the acclimation process the CO2 begins to blow off raising the pH and changing the ammonia to the much more toxic form. If water is added to the bag this will almost assuredly raise the pH as well. This can and often causes great stress in your new fish and can cause gill damage!

Our Arrive Alive guarantee

 Orders are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. On some of our larger   accounts we do hold individual inventory to be sure that you receive what you need when you need it.

  We strive to offer the very best in fish quality, pricing and customer service. We know how important it is to receive your fish in great condition and in a timely manner.