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Pond Filtration

We need a good Filter Basics Video for this page

There are an almost an infinite number of ways to provide crystal clear Healthy water for your Koi/Goldfish pond. You can purchase commercially manufactured Filter systems or you can build your own. Each has it’s own merits and costs. Before you decide which type is best for your particular circumstances you first have to know and understand why you need the best filter system you can afford or that you can build.

The purpose of a filter system is to remove suspended particulates from the water using various methods of mechanical filtration, for this you can use any one or combination of the following:

Coupling any of the types of filters and skimmers, along with he appropriate sized and number of bottom drains, to get your pond water to your mechanical filter system is only the first step in maintaining clean clear water for your Koi and Goldfish. This first step can be readily observed by just visually seeing the suspended solids accumulated onto the chosen filter media.

As we stated removing the solids i.e. fallen leaves, sticks, un-eaten food, dead insects, solid fish waste (poo) is but one step in obtaining a healthy self-sustaining environment for your fish. The second and perhaps the most important step in the filtration of any pond water is removing the dissolved compounds that accumulate in the water as a result of the fish load of your pond and the water chemistry itself. These are the un-seen pollutants in any “living” pond.   

What are these dissolved compounds and water conditions that have a direct affect the health of your fish;

Sand filters

Bead filters

Vortex filters

Filter mats/brushes

Surface skimmers

Settling tanks

UV Clarifiers