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The Most Important Decision

When Buying Koi Is

Who and Where They Come From…


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I thought that this page would be a great place to explain why they are needed and the formulas for figuring out what size and the proper placement in the pond and the amount of water you need to move to keep a good flow and keep up with the size pump you are using or if you should plumb it into the gravity feed system into the main filter system… Or have a seperate pump in the skimmer…

Unless you want to spend a lot of time out at your pond with a net and constantly chasing and removing fallen leaves and stuff floating on the surface of your pond…

You need an automatic Skimmer system… these utilize your ponds natural water flow along with pumps and gravity to eventually “suck” anything floating on the surface into the skimmer box and into your filter system and it works 24/7 as long as your pond pump is running.