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The Most Important Decision

When Buying Koi Is

Who and Where

They Come From… Period!

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If you are an approved Wholesaler you only need to click the “Log On” button, below, to enter our Shopping cart. The cart will automatically present you with your wholesale pricing as you look through our entire catalog of fish and other products.

Blackwater Creek Koi Farm is by design a wholesale business. Our farms produces hundreds of thousands of Koi each year. Our business is based around a few priorities; You, the customer, The Quality of our Fish, Koi health And Great Prices!wholesale pricing

After your initial request*, for dealer status and wholesale pricing, is reviewed and approved (usually within 24 hours), our shopping cart software will automatically reflect your assigned pricing tier when you log into our online Koi Store.

* Please note; not all who submit information, for wholesale pricing, will be approved and assigned one of our wholesale price tiers. We verify each request by searching the Internet for your company... If we cannot find you through Google or social media you will not be granted wholesale pricing. This part of our online shopping cart has been designed to help legitimate Koi Dealers profit. In some areas of the country we have larger dealers who have partial exclusivity, it is therefore possible to purchase from these distributors at a lower prices than what we can offer direct from the farm.

We have put together some import worksheet/checklists for those of you wishing to purchase our products and fish OUTSIDE the continental USA.... Click here to view the Canadian Checklist and here for all other countries.

Our goal is to establish long term relationships within the industry and provide quality Koi , Goldfish, Koi foods, and other proven products.

For those with garden centers and pond stores; This means a great selection of Koi, Butterfly Koi and Goldfish, of all sizes year round, when you need them. We provide honest advice and integrity you can count on. We are not brokers. The items you purchase from Blackwater Creek are FROM Blackwater Creek. We will do everything possible to ensure your longstanding success and ours. Our goal is similar to a happy marriage, both sides getting enjoyment from the other. We understand that you have goals and difficulties being a retailer. We too have had (and do have) retail experience and understand that you wear many different hats. We believe we can help you succeed. We understand that there are many places to buy Koi and many who claim to be Koi farms. A simple Google search of the owners names usually provide the details of who you are considering dealing with. Please Google us, ask others in the industry and make your purchasing decisions on what you find. We look forward to earning (and keeping) your business.

For those with Koi ponds in the hobby; We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to purchase Koi at certain times of the year and in certain locations. Blackwater Creek Koi Farms does sell fish to individuals as well. This can be done through the extensive list of Koi stocking packages and larger individual Koi in our online catalog. If you have a Blackwater Koi dealer in your area, please support them. In some instances they can offer you some very good deals due to their buying power with us. Our fish are ranked as some of the best around and our selections and continuous breeding program ensures something new each year. Finding that special fish is exciting and will bring years of enjoyment.

Our goal is to establish long term relationships with reputable dealers across America. We are very experienced "live" shippers. Our shipping facilities and methods offer the best proven way of getting the fish to you quickly and safely. The quality of our Koi, Koi Feeds and Gold Fish will allow you to stand out from your competition. We always have a good selection of fish in our ponds awaiting the selling season. We look forward to serving you.