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The Most Important Decision

When Buying Koi Is

Who and Where

They Come From… Period!

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Sounds simple enough and that's the key!

You see a long time ago when we started this business, we imported the best brood stock we could get our hands on in as many different varieties we could find. We then started our own breeding programs and started producing varieties of Koi, both Standard Fin and Butterfly (Long Fin) Koi and Specialty Goldfish. We are one of the largest producers in the country.

The second part of this equation is pure economics. If you realize it or not, when you buy Koi and or Goldfish from an import Broker you really have no way of knowing where your fish originated, how they were cared for, how they were housed and quarantined at the dealers facility. Most of all you have to know that the cost of the Import certifications are about $500.00 as well as the Health inspections and other costs. These costs get passed on, in full or part, to you the Koi Hobbyists in the way of higher prices per fish. Then you have to pay the shipping and handling charges from the Seller to your door!  

Now compare all that and the costs of imported  Koi and Goldfish and Fish bought from Blackwater Creek Koi Farms, Inc.;

Follow this comparison Flow chart of buying Koi and Goldfish From Most Brokers/Dealers as opposed to buying from Blackwater Creek

Many Koi Farms around the

world specialize  in only one or two varieties of Koi and those fish are subject to seasonal availability.



















Most Koi Brokers/Dealers

Bring together many different Varieties, from many different farms to their facilities, to sell to

Buyers from around the Globe

American Koi Dealers

 import many different Varieties of Koi, from many different farms


These Brokers/Dealers

Offers many different Varieties  obtained from many different farms

directly to you over the Internet

Blackwater Creek Koi Farms

3 Bio-Secure farms in Florida each breeding, growing and offering Koi and Specialty Goldfish through local dealers and Direct Sales over the Internet.

All Varieties, All Sizes available All Year Round

Many Varieties of

Standard Koi, Butterfly (Long-fin) Koi & Specialty Goldfish

Koi Foods

Blackwater Koi Dealers

 selling Koi from Brick & Mortar shops and over the Internet. We drop ship for some of our Dealers

Blackwater Creek Koi Store

Koi, Goldfish and Koi Diets Direct from our Farms to your door.

Typical backyard Koi Pond

Of American Koi Hobbyist

Typical backyard Koi Pond

Of American Koi Hobbyist

We are often asked "Why should I buy Blackwater Creek Koi Farms fish when I can get imports for a little more money directly from Japan or through a U.S. Dealer/Broker?

Glad you asked! The easy answer is; we know where our fish come from, the lineage, the exact date of the spawn, which farm, mud pond or tank. In short every Koi and Goldfish we sell comes from our ponds from one of our 3 farms!

Let me repeat that All of the Koi and Goldfish sold by Blackwater Creek Koi Farms come from one of our 3 farms!

Blackwater Creek Koi Farm #3 Blackwater Creek Koi Farm #1 Blackwater Creek Koi Farm #2